It is 40ish degrees outside today, there is snow all over the ground and I am still dreaming of spring. 

One of the things we gardeners/farmers can do in the winter in New England is PLAN. We are hoping to expand our little farm this year and will be adding on at least another 2,000 square feet. We will also be trying to keep bees! Wahoo! 

In order to wrap my head around the expansion I decided to take an online tool ( for a spin and so far, I am loving it! I mapped out our existing rows, the strawberry plants we already have in the ground and the new “bee garden”. I was able to combine my wish list, the wish list from Chef Chris and plot out all of the space we have to grow in. What was awesome was that by using the planning tool I was also able to determine what we needed to order to go from dreaming to growing. I calculated out our seed needs, the loam we will need to have delivered and when I can start things either in the house in the grow tent, in the greenhouse, or in the ground! 

I am also pretty excited because the planner tracks the crops you’ve grown from season to season, year to year and help you plan your planting rotations, so you minimize pest issues and soil depletion. 

Check out the plan below!